Weightless, Gorgeous, Yours. Lôngmi Lashes by Daniel can provide for all your lash needs. We provide training for the first and only US Patented technique for multi-layer eyelash extensions and wide variety of lashes, tools, and aftercare products.

"Lôngmi" means Lashes in Vietnamese.

           The First & Only US Patented Method for Multi-Layer Eyelash Extensions™

The First & Only US Patented Branch Lashes with Tapered Root End™

 Daniel Web picDaniel Dinh, Inventor and CEO of Lôngmi™ Lashes® by Daniel invites you to visit his lash salon in Beverly Hills. The eyelash artist can enhance your lashes to look as natural or dramatic as you desire. Sought after by celebrities and beauty devotees, Daniel customizes your lash design by affixing lash extensions that vary in length, texture, color, and degree of curvature. Lash by lash, Daniel’s patented technique mimics Mother Nature and painlessly extends your lashes to lengths previously thought impossible – no mascara or eyelash curler necessary. Always striving to improve the art of eyelash extensions and eyelash health and beauty, Daniel is currently doing research and development for his product line of lash-enhancing products.

“I Came Into This World To Do Lashes.”™ -Daniel Dinh